Land Use Optimization

Urban Mathematical Models Software

You can download software from below link.

To Use:
– Unzip the matmodel_VerNum.rar file to your hard disc.
– Execute matmodPro.exe.
– You will be asked for license information on first use.
– Fill the form with your informations.
– After a short time, you will receive an e-mail about using the demo license and you will be able to use the software.

Land Use Model 

The first task of the city planner is to effectively locate integrated land use types for various purposes. The Multipurpose Land Use Planning Model developed to achieve this goal, aims to maximize land value and minimize the transportation. The genetic algorithm method developed to find the optimum layout according to this model.





You can save your model as xml by using File menu.

You can specify which land use types will be used by adding them to list box. Also some land use types can be non build area. These land use types will not affect calculations but view as expected.

You must select base map row and column count, alfa for distance effect. After you select land use types and row-column count and alfa clicking OK will prepare the accesibility and value effect matrixes. These values will be used for calculations. After clicking Add Main Layout button calculations form and layout form will be opened.


Layout Form:

In this layout form you can specify your land use. You can select cells and assign their land use types.

Open New Layout: Create new layout based from this layout.

Select Land Use : Assign selected land use to a land use type

View : Zoom 1/2 or 2

Show Legend : Shows legends of land use types

Fix : You can set selected cells fix or not fix. Fixed cells land use type will not change during optimization.

Remove Focus : Selected cell became blue, this situation causes problems when generating images for reports. By clicking this the map not show selected cell blue.

Generate Random Layout :  Locate land use types to random locations. This is useful for first layout. You can assign group of cells for each land use type (the number you specified) for your model easily and then generate random layout for mix them to get better optimization result.


Land Use Form:

You can analyze land use type counts, calculate accesibility, land value and efficiency values in this form. By clicking Calculate Best Layout you can start calculating optimum layout.


Best Layout Parameters:

This form parameters used for optimisation genetic algorithm.

How Many Cell Later Effect Be 0 : Calculating the interaction between all cells causes performance problems if there are too many cells. Using this parameter, the effective range can be limited, thus increasing the performance.


By right click on the result grid you can open popup for analyze optimization results.

Open Layout : Show selected layout’s map.

Open Value Charts : Show selected layout’s generation-efficiency values chart.

Open Parameters : Show optimization parameters.

Calculate Value Matrixes and other menus for calculate accesibility and land use value effect matrixes.  These processes are in trial phase and do not work effectively.